The Story of the Rotifer

by nicolebanowetz

The Rotifer

Rotifers are fascinating  and whimsical creatures, evolutionary mysteries that survive through endurance and adaptations. 1015c131e8026134304acbd67ab9794e

When the rotifer is attacked by predatory fungus it dries up and is carried away in the wind to a new safe environment.  While it is dehydrated the fungus cannot survive.


Rotifer overcome by fungus

When the rotifer dries up it shatters it’s DNA allowing it to pick up DNA from it’s surroundings.

rotifer drawings

My drawing of flying rotifers



Ernst Haeckel’s rotifers

rotifercutout4 copy

My rotifer.

These amazing creatures are the inspiration for my new body of inflatable work.  One installation will be permanently displayed in the Children’s Museum, and the other will be displayed in a festival in Europe.