Francois the duck

by nicolebanowetz

a fire shooting inflatable ducky that floats on a cloud.


This ducky started his life as a part of a series of inflatables I made for the Museum of Outdoor Arts and Lonnie Hanzon to display in our holiday light show at Hudson Gardens.

Now he has a new life thanks to my friend Benigno Lopez.  Benigno refitted the duck atop a golf cart, sewed him a cloud, and gave him fire spitting super powers.


Benigno was inspired by the journey of the friendly floatees.  In 1992 a shipping container with 28,000 plastic bath toys was lost at sea.  These little ducks made their way all around the world, showing up in Hawaii, Alaska, South America, and Scotland(to name a few).


 2,000 Duckies still circulate in the currents of the North Pacific Gyre — a vortex of currents between Japan, southeast Alaska, Kodiak and the Aleutian Islands.

The North Pacific Gyre is also home to Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch, a massive floating garbage dump full of plastic waste. The duckies water journey helps raise awareness about our plastic waste problems.  Now Francois continues the duckies journey on land.